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Content spinning / article rewriting is a writing technique used in black hat search engine optimization (SEO) that creates what appears to be new content from what already exists. Content spinning / article rewriting works by replacing specific words, sentences, or even entire paragraphs with any number of alternate versions (usually 3-4 sentence variations) to provide a slightly different variation with each generation.

This process can be fully automated using software or written manually if the desired level of quality is higher. Indeed, the French language being complex, software still has great difficulty in producing content with a high level of readability and having meaning 100% automatically. Formerly complicated to master, content spinning / article rewriting techniques often made texts unreadable. Today they have become more sophisticated and can now give rise to thousands of perfectly readable articles that seem original. However, the human hand is still needed.

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Website authors use content spinning / article rewriting for different part of their strategy: reducing the similarity rate of rather redundant pages, for chat-bots, for catalogs, in a net linking strategy, e-reputation management with the creation of a network of sites, or for the creation of large-scale semantic cocoons.

Is Article Rewriting Really That Complex?

The desired quality determines the complexity of the thing. One of the main barriers was selecting the most unique texts from the thousands of texts generated. Our software allows us to compare the similarity rates of all texts with each other to select only those with a similarity rate below the limit (we generally aim for uniqueness rates below 15% on average).

Because of the readability issues that are common in automated writing, website owners often pay specific writers or companies to manually write a better master spin.

Our software not only allows us to write, correct and enrich our spin-masters more quickly, but also to check their quality to optimize the web writing process.

Is This Plagiarism? Is Content Spinning / Article Rewriting Risky?

it is not plagiarism insofar as our initial texts are in our hands. If a malicious writer were to use basic text that was not their own, then yes. you can use our free seo tools to check content plagiarism.

Regarding the risks, Google says it doesn't penalize websites that host duplicate content, but advancements in filtering techniques mean that duplicate content will rarely rank well in results pages (SERPS). which constitutes a form of penalty...

We can therefore doubt the effectiveness of content spinning / article rewriting, right? Well not really, because the content automatically generated is rarely for the purpose of referencing. Content spinning / article rewriting is often used in its internal linking strategy to create unique pages that push strategic pages on competitive keywords.

How To Write Your Article?

Various information channels are widely developed in the modern world. The main content of such channels is various articles. Articles can be different - useful and not very interesting, and vice versa. Sometimes you may want to write your own article, try yourself as a writer.

How to do it, how to learn how to write articles? First of all, it takes experience to write an interesting and easy-to-read article. It comes gradually. The author must at least superficially understand what he is writing about. The article is born from the topic, therefore, first of all, you need to mentally compose a heading. After that, you can open the text editor and start writing. You can choose any text editor, for example, Microsoft Word.

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How to start and not quit writing articles? To do this, set yourself a goal of making one article every day. Prepare and place on the desktop a document template in which the theme and the content itself are already framed, the necessary styles are set, and so on - so as not to be distracted from the writing itself. The size of the article can be any, as long as there is enough imagination. Optimal for beginners - half to full page. In general, you yourself choose the format for yourself - you can write small notes (like tweets), or you can make detailed studies.

Why do you need to write articles? Articles are very important for various sites, because their success mainly depends on the content posted on them. In other words, articles are content that you can sell or post on your resources and receive income from this. If you enjoy the article writing lesson, you might consider publishing your own book, which can be based on your previously written articles. You can also share articles on social networks with your subscribers and friends - they will be happy to evaluate your abilities in the form of likes and comments. Thus, it was considered where to post your articles:

  • your website or blog;
  • social networks;
  • its publication is a book or magazine.

What Is Article Rewriting And How To Do It?

We all wrote expositions at school. Rewriting is pretty much the same thing. That is, you need to rewrite the news, article, any text in a new way. Put it in your own words so that you end up with a unique product. But unlike the presentation, rewriting has its own laws, sometimes very strict.

In this article, I'll show you how to do quality rewriting. If you want to make money on rewriting, then I recommend registering on the exchanges for copywriters. There you can find many projects for working with texts.

What Makes Quality Content Rewriting Different?

After content rewriting, the new text should not contain:

  • actual errors;
  • fiction and speculation of the rewriter;
  • rewriter's comments;
  • personal opinion of the rewriter;
  • what is not in the source text.

You should be very careful about quotes, statements by politicians, economists, experts. In content rewriting, it is not advisable to use direct speech, sometimes customers ask to completely exclude quotations from the text, links to any sources of information. Therefore, if possible, direct speech and quotes are best done in the form of indirect speech. At the same time, be very careful about the presentation of what is said in the source. Has the meaning changed?

  • For example, a source: “We are considering the possibility of replacing the “Complete it yourself” car on the assembly line with a new model “Complete it yourself,” Ivan Ivanov, the head of the Russian Constructor auto holding, said on Thursday.
  • Correct content rewriting: Ivan Ivanov, the head of the Russian Constructor auto holding, said that the company plans to produce a new model, "Complete it yourself" instead of "Complete it yourself".
  • Incorrect content rewriting: Ivan Ivanov, head of the Russian Constructor auto holding, said that the well - known Dodelai Sam model would be discontinued. Instead, the company will produce a new modern car "Sam Dodelai".

Information that is NOT in the source is highlighted in bold. And why it appeared in content rewriting is also not clear :) A known model or an unknown one is the rewriter's personal opinion, which should not be in the text. And it will be discontinued - far from the same thing that is planned to be replaced. It is very important to come up with a bright title for the text that will attract attention. Ideally, the new text should also be more interesting than the original.

What is content rewriting for? Perhaps you have already asked yourself this question more than once. There may be several reasons. For example, there is an uninteresting written text with very bulky phrases. It is necessary to rewrite it to make the new text more interesting. Either the customer has an article, but needs a new one based on the same information. There can be many reasons.

Content Rewriting Technique

How is content rewriting done? Let's look at this with an example. So, the original is a short piece of news from the RIA Novosti website:

Original Content 

In the Moscow region, a criminal case has been initiated into the sale of sturgeon caviar, which poses a danger to the health of consumers, RIA Novosti reported on Monday at the Moscow Region Main Department of Internal Affairs.

"The criminal case was initiated under Part 1 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - production, storage, transportation and sale of goods and products that do not meet safety requirements," which provides for a penalty of imprisonment for up to two years, said a representative of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate.
According to the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, on Sunday, during the operational activities, the employees of the Department of Economic Crimes carried out a test purchase of caviar on the territory of the Odintsovskoye Podvorye market. There were no documents for these products, the source said.
"According to the results of a study carried out at the Federal State Institution" Central Scientific and Methodological Veterinary Laboratory ", it was found that an entrepreneur from Azerbaijan was selling caviar that does not meet sanitary requirements for the presence of E. coli bacteria and for the content of mesophilic aerobic and facultatively anaerobic microorganisms," he said representative of the GUVD.

Operational and investigative measures are being carried out.

We write out on a piece of paper or in Word all the facts that we may need to present the news:

0 paragraph, heading - Dangerous to health 

  1. paragraph - Moscow region, criminal case, sale of dangerous sturgeon caviar
  2. paragraph - criminal case, part 1 of Art. 238 of the Criminal Code, a representative of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate
  3. paragraph - Sunday, market "Odintsovskoe Podvorie", test purchase, no documents
  4. paragraph - research, FGU (source), entrepreneur Azerbaijan, did not meet sanitary requirements

Now we have a list of facts on the basis of which we can make the text: So, what happened after the content rewriting:

Rewrited Content

On Sunday, at the Odintsovskoye Podvorye market near Moscow, the UEEP officers found caviar dangerous to health. The operatives carried out a test purchase of products, for which the owner, an entrepreneur from Azerbaijan, did not have documents.
A study carried out at the Federal State Institution “Central Scientific and Methodological Veterinary Laboratory” showed that caviar does not meet sanitary requirements. A criminal case was initiated under Part 1 of Art. 238 of the Criminal Code. The investigation continues.

As you can see from the example, the structure of the news has changed, the order of presentation of facts. But at the same time the general meaning of the original is conveyed. The text has become much shorter, faster to read and better perceived. Although I would still work on the title :)

SEO Rewriting - What Is It And Why Is It Needed?

SEO rewriting is carried out by order of optimizers - specialists who promote sites in search engines. They need unique texts that are optimized for search engine queries. Texts that have not been previously published on other sites are considered unique. From this point of view, high-quality rewriting of any text will be considered by search engines as a new, unique text.

Optimization of the text is to include in its certain words and phrases by which the page with the text will be promoted in the search engines. They need to be included in headings, subheadings, text a certain number of times. Typically, site optimizers say which words and phrases should appear and how many times.

Sometimes seo rewriting is required if previously published text was copied by other sites, but search engines counted the thieves as the source of the content. In this case, the author site may be punished by search engines for posting "non-unique" content, although in fact it is not his fault. You can get out of the filters by doing SEO rewriting of texts.

How To Use Article Spinner Free/ Article Rewriter Pro Tool Online?

This free article spinner is the finest for quickly changing your content's language. Simply;

  • copy your own content,
  • paste it into this tool's input box,
  • enter the captcha, and
  • click the submit button.

You will then have a solid, original article that will help you rank highly in Google and Yahoo search results. The Moz Rank checker tool allows you to see where your website ranks, which will show you how much progress you have made thanks to your methods. Your best help when starting your blog and writing your best articles will come from the best article rewriter pro tools free.



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