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What Is An Online Slug Generator?

A slug generator is an online tool that converts text, strings, or titles into readable and SEO-friendly slugs that are used in good URLs (this process is often referred to as slugifying). You can convert text, strings, or titles into slugs with the online slug generator or slugify text tool. Human-readable links and SEO-friendly URLs can both be made with the slug generator.

Text to Slug Generator

How Do You Make A Human-Readable And Seo-Friendly Slug?

In these stages, we'll make a slug:

  • substituting words for special characters, for as $ for dollar.
  • removing the characters "!"#$ percent &'()*+,./:;=>?@[] '|" from the text.
  • The text is in lowercase.
  • using a dash in place of spaces (-).

Please contact us if you have any suggestions on how to make our online slug generator better or if you discover any problems with it.

What Is A Slug?

A URL slug, or codification of the words in the url, is the portion of the URL that appears at the very end and contains the precise address of a particular page on your website. The user will be able to understand the content of your web page and your SEO will increase if your slugs are descriptive and brief (1–5 words).

A free online developer tool called SLUG generator immediately converts words or text into a human-readable and SEO-friendly URL slug for enhanced SEO optimization. Similar to the title of a blog post, the URL slug also briefly defines the topic of the page or post. Each word in the URL slug is separated by a dash, making it search engine friendly and readable by both humans and crawlers.

Examples of SEO Freindly URL Slug

How to generate URL slug online how-to-generate-url-slug-online
How to generate a URL slug in PHP how-to-generate-a-url-slug-in-php
How do i use the text to slug generator tool how-do-i-use-the-text-to-slug-generator-tool
How to convert text to slug online how-to-convert-text-to-slug-online
Slugify any text into SEO-friendly and human-readable URLs slugify-any-text-into-seo-friendly-and-human-readable-urls

How To Convert Your Text Into A Slug?

You can slugify your title or text into a slug by using the following steps:

  1. Enter your text in the tool.
  2. Slugify text.
  3. Copy your slug.

Slug Generator Online FAQ

In the list below, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions concerning our tool. Is your particular query not included in the list? Please message us on Instagram or Facebook.

Are you replacing special symbols with text?

A list of special characters that are substituted by text is available. For instance, the term dollar will be used in place of $, and the word percent will be used in place of %.

You can write us a mail if you're interested in receiving the whole list of special symbols that have been replaced by text.

Which characters are removed from the slug?

The text will no longer contain the following symbols:!"#$ % &'()*+,./:;=>?@[] '|. For instance, the result for the sentence "What is slugify?" would be "what-is-slugify," with the question mark removed.

Can I slugify several strings all at the same?

Adding a newline between each item in the textarea will allow you to bulk slugify multiple entries.



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