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Domain Name Age Checker - Check How Old Any Domain Is?

Domain age is a significant component in how search engines rank your website. Domains that were registered more than a year ago may rank higher than fresh websites. Moz takes this into account when assigning website authority to a website. A website that was registered more than five years ago is considered a reliable business.

CyberIndeed Domain checker tool allows you to check when your domain name was registered and when it was last changed.

The Age Of The Domain Name: An Essential Seo Element

The age of the domain name of a website is one of the essential elements for the optimisation of SEO and visibility on the web. However, it is granted for a specific period and must be changed or re-registered at the end of its attribution.

A Domain Name Is A Temporary Address

The domain name of web site represents the address of the latter on the Internet. It is through it that your customers and interlocutors, but also the public will be able to find you in the Internet jungle. However, it is important to know that it is assigned to you for a limited time, in other words, you will only be able to use it temporarily. But this duration can vary from one to ten years, and once the period which is allotted to you to have it, the name will fall back into the public domain. However, you can keep it by renewing your “subscription” and increasing the age of your site's domain name. The advantages of this operation are not negligible.

The Importance Of Domain Name Age

The age of the domain name is one of the criteria that will make it easier for Internet users to find your site. In other words, the older your internet address, the easier it will be to find you. Indeed, a site that has been present for many years will be more visible to search engines. The latter, notably Google, are more interested in “old” domain names which they quickly identify as reliable addresses containing relevant content. In addition, by keeping your address, you will be providing valuable services to Internet users and users of your site who will already be used to it. And for your SEO, the large number of inbound links and the higher PageRank are not to be neglected.

How To Optimize The Age Of The Domain Name Of Your Site?

So, it is more than recommended to keep your web address as long as possible. To do this, you can contact the registrar of domain names to which you are affiliated to renew yours, and this, before the end of the date of its validity. If you have a new site, you can simply buy a domain name that is in the public domain but is at least a year old. You will thus benefit from its notoriety to optimize the age of the domain name of your site. At the time of purchase or renewal, do not forget to change the validity date in order to get the most out of it.

Is Domain Age is Important for SEO?

It is, indeed. Google has officially confirmed that older domains have a higher rating in search engines since those organisations are less likely to close down. This parameter was also considered by Google PageRank, however it no longer exists. While Moz Domain Authority algorithms still consider it a significant component when determining or upgrading a website's domain authority.

How to purchase Aged Domains?

Yes, we may buy the aged domain. If you are purchasing those domains in order to swiftly increase your ranking in search engines, keep in mind that the domain must also be indexed in Google since its registration. If a domain was registered ten years ago and indexed in Yahoo or Bing two years ago, its age is deemed to be two years. Also, if the domain was previously indexed with the term "SEO score checker" and you changed it to domain authority checker, the ranking will be reset to zero.

domain age checker

Why Check The Age Of A Domain Name?

The following are some of the reasons why you would want to check the age of a domain name.

However, take into consideration that you may want to check:

  • The age of an existing domain name that you want to purchase.
  • Your competitors' domain names' ages Or
  • just the age of your domain name.
  • The major reason for determining domain age is to determine WHEN the domain was registered and HOW OLD it is today.

You most likely already knew when you registered your own functioning domain name. So looking it up isn't the best use of your time and won't help you much (unless you've forget when you bought your domain name).

That leaves us with two choices:

  • Checking the domain age of a particular name
  • Investigating the age of competing domains

Checking the age of your competitors' domain names accomplishes one thing: you now know how long their domain names have existed, which gives you an indication of what you're up against. Checking the age of a domain name you want to buy, on the other hand, provides you an idea of what you're getting into.

How to Use our domain age checker tool

Using the CyberIndeed domain age checker tool is simple;

  • Simply copy and paste your domain names into the input box above.
  • Then, click the "Check Domain Age" button and let the programme do its work.

The free Domain Age Checker provides those information’s:

  • Domain Age
  • Domain Created Date
  • Domain Updated/renewed Date
  • Domain Expiry Date. We can help you to check the age of the domain name of your site.

The Domain Age Checker tool allows you to check the age of a website with a single click. Our online tool allows you to check the domain age of up to ten sites. Simply insert domain names in the input box (one url per line) and click the submit button.

This tool will not only tell you when a domain was formed, but it will also show you when a website was last updated. If you wish to check the registrar's information, you can use our domain whois checker tool.



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