Most Common On-Page Seo Mistakes You Can Avoid!

on-page SEO mistakes to avoid for a better SEO of your website!

A website can aim to sell more online or simply to attract more customers to your physical store. In either case, this requires significant traffic to your site. Many techniques have then emerged to attract more traffic to a website. We are therefore talking about SEO and SEA. What are the on-page SEO mistakes to avoid for a better SEO of your website?

Post directly to social media

If you use SEO as a strategy to rank yourself on the internet, you will be forced not to publish content directly on social networks. In the SEO strategy, social networks are intended to highlight or more simply to promote your content posted on your website. Indeed, if you publish content added to graphic images on your Facebook page for example, this has no influence on the traffic on your website.

However, if you integrate a blog into your website and you publish content directly on it, the content will appear directly in the HTML source code which is taken into account by search engines. It is therefore recommended to publish your content on your blog and then promote it on social networks. In addition, be sure to choose a good host to optimize your SEO.

Misusing keywords

To better position your site by natural SEO, the use of keywords is perfectly suited. However, choosing the right keyword is an entirely different matter. Occasionally, we tend to choose  generic keywords. But the other side of this strategy is the strong competition that is found on these keywords. To please Internet users and Google, it is essential that the content you publish on your site respond perfectly to the research intentions of the targeted Internet users, specifies the experts from Zaacom, a natural SEO agency in Normandy.

Along the same lines, the mistake not to make is to choose keywords that have no connection with your products and services. In addition, the common mistake at this stage is to forget to choose keywords according to your location or target area.

Neglecting meta description and meta title in your SEO strategy

The metatitle (title) and the metadescription are important in the SEO strategy. Indeed, each of the tags participates in presenting your website as being a relevant response to a search in a search engine like Google for example. With a well-defined number of characters, both the metatitle and the metadescription aim to convince the reader to visit your web page. Neglecting this aspect is a major mistake to avoid in your SEO strategy.

Do only on-page SEO

The SEO strategy also takes into account on-page optimization.  However, this alone is not enough. You have to put on-page optimization and off-page optimization together. The off-page concerns netlinking in particular .

All of these mistakes are important and should be taken into consideration as part of your SEO strategy. Obtaining a good position on the net is a work of art that should not be neglected. Be vigilant and do not neglect any of these points developed above.



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