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Have you ever written up a document, realised you made a few capitalization mistakes, and wished you didn't have to spend so much time fixing them? It frequently occurs, and if you are using a standard word editing tool, your errors will be autocorrected as you type, although those kinds of software are most accurate at catching grammatical errors. You may wish to do it manually if you need to capitalise on an entire document. Moreover, it takes time. However, if you used a case converter tool like ours, you could easily change the case of your texts. Simply copy and paste your text, then select the case you want it to be converted to.

A simple, free online tool called Case Converter instantly converts any text into lower case, upper case, sentence case, or capitalised case with only one click.

If you accidently locked your caps while composing a document, don't worry. As an alternative, you may now convert case of a document in a matter of seconds to make sure it contains all the necessary capitalizations. In contrast, one click will do if you're a marketer and want to capitalise the first letter of each term!

case converter tool

About Case Converter Tool

A highly useful online text editor that allows you to change your text and convert case between lower-case and upper-case words, capitalise Case, sentence case, and more. A free and simple to use online case conversion tool is the case converter online tool that will help you to change Any uppercase text to lowercase text. Additionally, it changes any lowercase characters into uppercase. Simply, enter your case-sensitive text in uppercase format and press the "Submit" button to instantly change the format of your text.

Case Converter Tool Features

This Case Converter Tool will help you to:

  • Change Text From UpperCase To LowerCase
  • Change Text From LowerCase To UpperCase
  • Change Text To Capitalized Case
  • Change Text To Sentence Case
  • Convert Text Case To Sentence Case
  • Capital Letters And Small Letters & Many More!

Type of Text Case & Uses of Case Converter Tool

  • Sentence Case Converter: You can paste any text into the sentence case converter, and it will automatically format it as a fully formed, structured sentence. It begins by capitalising the first letter of every sentence before changing the rest of the text to lowercase and changing all i's to I's. Each letter that follows a full stop is changed to an uppercase letter.
  • Lower Case Converter: The lower case text converter will let you to uncapitalize text by changing all the letters in your text to lowercase letters, if you're wondering how to do so. Simply convert the text you need to generate into lower case, paste it in the box above, then click the "lower case" tab.
  • Upper Case Converter: Any text you enter will be converted into all uppercase letters using the upper case converter. In short, it will convert all lowercase characters into capital letters (as well as keep upper case letters as upper case letters). Simply copy the text that needs to be changed, copy it into the box above, Click UPPER CASE Tab, and you're done.
  • Capitalized Case Converter: Every word's first letter will be automatically changed to upper case using the capitalised case converter, while the other letters will remain lower case. Copy the text you want to create in this format, put it in the box above, and then click the Capitalized Case tab.

The case converter tool is one of many web tools available on our website H WebTools. It is a web text converter that can accept both upper case and lower case letters as entering and transform them into preferred cases.



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