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About www Redirect Checker

Your website may or may not use an access via the "www", this choice having no harmful consequences for your SEO. However, it is possible that you are unintentionally making "duplicate content" that would harm your digital marketing efforts. There are several possible solutions to this problem, including URL redirection.

Redirect Checker or www Redirect checker, A very helpful tool for tracking the URL path, that is visited when typed into a browser. The URL that is being redirected may be seen in any browser bar, but this great tool will show every chain that is created during the redirection process. You can use this free tool to discover the full response code for each URL you enter. This tool is also referred to as a "301 redirect checker" which refers to checking the kind of redirection instructions given by the httacess file.

How you can get benefit from this redirection tool?

Use a 301 redirect checker or redirect detective to locate a unique URL that leads to the website that the webmaster or owner wants visitors to be able to view. These links are typically used to promote websites, shorten URLs, affiliate with other companies, or use any SEO tactic to gain link authority. The most well-known instances of this redirection include links from Amazon affiliate programmes, goo.gl, bit.ly, twitter tweets, and services that shorten links. Use the Htaccess Redirect Generator tool to write redirection code if you need to, as it makes the process very simple.

This 301 redirect checker tool may also measure the used cookies that define the redirection path. For a certain URL, this tool will discover the links and length of the redirection chain. You can choose the chain where this redirection is going in after receiving the result extremely quickly.

301 Redirect Checker tools

URLs with and without www

You have no doubt already observed that there are different ways of accessing a website, whether or not using www - for example, http://mysite.com or http://www.monsite.com. The latter refers to the name "World Wide Web", used at the beginning of the Internet, and which refers to the fact of being able to consult web pages via a browser. Its presence does not provide any additional information on your website and is not mandatory. It is more of an aesthetic preference.

How can this impact your SEO?

In itself, search engines do not distinguish between sites with www in their domain name and those without. However, this can cause problems if your site is accessible in both cases: it could be doubly indexed, as if there were two separate sites, and the contents would then be visualized as being duplicated - this is called "duplicate content" . This is a harmful element in terms of natural referencing that must be avoided at all costs.

Show your favorite domain to search engines

You can tell search engines which URL you prefer for your website - with or without www. Google offers to easily use this option through its webmaster tools service. However, this is a mere indication, not a forced instruction.

Choose between the domain with and without www

You can modify your hosting so that your website is only accessible by using or not using this abbreviation. This means that your visitors will not have access to it using the other solution, which could be confusing.

Create a redirect from one to the other

The solution we recommend is creating a permanent redirect (or 301 redirect). This tells search engines to replace the first address with the second in their index. It is also used for domain name changes. Several methods are possible:

  • The configuration of an htaccess file: we had already mentioned to you previously that the htaccess file could be used to avoid duplicate content and boost your natural referencing, since it allows you to easily create page redirects;
  • The use of your CMS resources: If your website is created using a CMS, there may plugins to easily create these redirects. In the case of WordPress, you can use "Enforce www. Preference".

To have your redirect taken into account more quickly by Google, you can report a change of address via the webmaster tools.

The "duplicate content" can be very penalizing for the SEO of your website. However, it is quite easy to get around this problem and it is therefore worth the effort if you want to maintain or improve your position on the search engines.

Free www Redirect Checker Tool

Using the www redirect checker tool will assure you that your websites’ traffic is not affected and you have properly implemented www redirection. If you would like to exclusively use either the www or non-www version of your domain, this can be through the redirects area of cPanel. Redirecting a domain to either the www version or non-www version is a little different from redirecting one domain to another.

This type of redirection can help with URL canonicalization by search engines. URL canonicalization refers to the process by which a search engine decides which version of your site's URL is best to display in search results. By redirecting to one version of your site, you will have more control over which URL appears in search results. Per Google Webmaster Guidelines, this may also help to limit possible dilution of page rank that can occur if Google can't determine which version of your URL should be preferred.

First, you will want to decide which version of your site you prefer. This is really a personal preference and the only important thing is to be consistent. So, it's best to pick one up front and stick with it.

How to use our www Redirect Checker tool online?

Like all other products on H WebTools, the www Redirect Checker or 301 Redirect Checker tool is incredibly easy to use. Simply:

  • Enter the URL of the chosen domain & Press Enter to see the magic happen.

If your domain or link contains redirection code that is embedded in the htaccess file, then using this tool will undoubtedly produce favourable results as opposed to using a regular link. You can use it whenever you want, without any limitations, and you'll receive a perfect outcome.