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Penalty Alert, Google Put Me on Its Blacklist: The blacklist, represents the greatest penalty that Google can inflict on you. It consists purely and simply in erasing your website from its index, and therefore in removing it from the SERPs. Your page becomes invisible to those who search for it from Google...

How do you know if Google has added you to its blacklist?

If your traffic has dropped sharply to zero or near zero, find out if you've been blacklisted by Google. There is only one solution: enter "info: www. [Yourdomainname]" in the search bar. If the request does not yield any results...Bad news: you have probably been banned by the # 1 search engine!

Quickly consult the Google Search Console: you probably have a message announcing you and explaining the sentence. Even if, for having fallen into the blacklist, you probably know what you did...
The possible reasons for such a punishment are varied: illegal content, purchase of links, addition of keywords or links hidden in the code, cloaking ... In short, the blacklist sanctions above all illegal techniques aimed at deliberately deceiving Google bots.

How to get out of the blacklist penalty quickly?

You should know that being blacklisted is always the result of manual intervention: it was a Google agent who implemented the sanction.
Also, to remove it, you will need, once the errors have been corrected, to request that your site be included in the search engine, via the contact page of your Google Search Console account. Then, you will have to arm yourself with patience, until your site is examined again.
Make the necessary changes on your website, this time respecting the guidelines given on the Google webmaster instructions page.

I just opened my website, am I already on the blacklist?

If you've just launched your webpage, don't panic: you just might not have been listed by Google yet.
Has your site ever been indexed in search engine results? If not, since Google does not yet know your page, there is no reason for you to be blacklisted. Feel free to use Google's website submission form to speed up the process.

About our Free Google Malware Checker Tool

Protect your website from Malware Infection with this Free Online Malware Checker! Fast and easy way to find out if a website is not safe to visit.

We at SEO Enabler Tools want to help you in securing the reputation of your website from potential threats like inflicting of viruses and phishing. Phishing is a type of activity that often involves financial fraud, infringement on intellectual property, and stealing of consumer data.

That is why we have developed a special tool which is called “Google Malware Checker” to help you detect malware on every website that you visit including your own website. This malware scanner tool makes use of an intelligent malware detection software to efficiently detect viruses and malicious script on different web pages. It is a cloud-based online tool that provides users with a report on web security threats.

To most website owners, it is very important to have a Google malware check regularly to avoid viruses that may pose a threat to their website.

Google Malware Checker Tool

For bloggers, there is a very useful tool available for Google Malware Checker. The new Google malware checker tool will examine your website and provide you with some excellent advice. You can now Use Google Safe Browsing For A Quick and safe website checking.. A free service called Google Webmaster Tools Malware, analyses suspicious files and URLs to help users quickly find viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and other types of malware. Use Google Safe Browsing to quickly and securely inspect websites.

Now you can simply add your website URL and check the Website security for suspicious files and viruses without having to search for How to Check a Website for Malware With Google. This Google Malware Diagnostic Tool was created to ensure safe browsing on any website. Try it out and offer a suggestion.