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Word Counter For All Your Needs! Instantly Count Words, Characters With And W/O Spaces By Typing Or Copy-Pasting Your Text In Our Online Word Counter Tool.

To start, if you're wondering why you should use an online word counter tool, try manually counting the characters in your article. You'll notice that the exercise is fairly challenging, if not downright annoying, before you reach line #7. In addition, who wants to waste valuable time counting a lengthy paper when a technology like ours is readily available to assist?

Count Number of Words with H WebTools is our online word finder and counter. It is a fast word count calculator that provides results in the blink of an eye.

How many words are there in this artice, essay or ebook?  It might be challenging to count words, especially if you're in the middle of a project and want to know where you stand. There is a word counter that is included in Microsoft Word and Google Docs, but do you know where it is or how to use it? Here's a quicker method: simply and easily use our count words online tool for free.

Why Use An Online Word Count Tool?

We are currently all in the age of word counts, whether you are an experienced author or just another Internet explorer. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been working with text counts if you have been typing words, from social media word limitations to lengthy document requirements in corporate settings.

  • Twitter used to cap our character count at 140, but later increased it to 280.
  • Facebook will not allow you to post with more than 8,000 characters or post anything longer than 63,206 characters.
  • How about the 30 hashtag cap on Instagram? Your Instagram captions' 2,200 character limit will even be cut off at just 125 characters.
  • We've even heard that your blog content may need to be minimum of 1800 words in order to rank on Google's first page.

See? We have officially entered the character count limit age!

To avoid unintentionally having to change your word count back and forth to satisfy requirements, you must always stay on topic and make sure your material stays inside the parameters of these pertinent platforms.

You require a text counter tool to make that happen.

However, word calculators can be used for more than just counting the characters in your social media posts.

word counter tool online

Typical Word Count For Different Types Of Texts

There are various story-writing techniques used in the literary world. There are various lengths along with that. Most likely, you've heard of short tales, novels, and everything in between. But have you ever thought about what makes a short story "short"? Or perhaps you've pondered the length at which a story must end in order to qualify as a novel. Do word count regulations specify what word counts as acceptable and what doesn't? If so, what exactly are these?

Well, no, there aren't actually word police that will scoff at every extra word. But both authors and academia agree that there is a general range for each sort of content. Consider a short story as an illustration. A short story's word count is often limited at 7,500. The word count for short tale books can be as low as 1,000, but it often ranges from 3,500 to 7,500. On the other hand, a novelette is a story that is over 7,500 words but under 17,000. You may be familiar with this term, which is frequently used in place of the longer novel. Although novellas are longer than novelettes, they often don't go over 40,000 words. However, stories that go beyond that are—you guessed it—novels!

Why is this information necessary, then? So, when you're plotting your novel, you need to think about how lengthy it will be and whether or not that time commitment fits into your overall writing schedule. Consider composing a short story or novelette if you need to write something quickly. Plan up a clear plot that you can carry out in the allotted number of words.

Minimum Word Counts For Different Types of Contents

Social Network

Words Limit

Essays & Articles

Words Limit

Twitter post


High school


Facebook post








YouTube Description






Blog posts




Cover letter







Short stories








Other Useful Online Word Tools

Every writer should be well-equipped with a variety of tools to help them with their writing, in addition to the useful resources we offer here on Word Count Tool. Grammar and plagiarism checkers are some tools we advise you to add to your toolbox.


One of the writing tools our in-house writers use when creating blog posts is Grammarly. If you frequently use Google Documents, there is a Google Chrome extension for this that will be quite useful. If it detects spelling problems or inappropriate word usage, it will emphasise those words in red. When you visit the website, you can paste your writing there, and Grammarly will evaluate it properly. It will frequently suggest words or phrases you might wish to add, eliminate, or change. Additionally, it will display your error rate by category, such as how often you abuse the passive voice or make grammatical errors, etc. If you don't have premium access, you will only be able to see the number and not the precise phrase or word that caused the issue.

Plagiarism Checker

The fear of mistakenly copying someone else's work is common among authors. Plagiarism is obviously prohibited, especially in the field of writing. However, there are situations when you are not aware that the content you have published genuinely duplicates another internet piece. You may not have intended to plagiarise at all when you wrote it, but Google doesn't know that. And how are you expected to convince an algorithm of your position? Make sure to run your work through online plagiarism checkers to guarantee it is 100 percent original and 100 percent yours to prevent getting tagged for plagiarism on Google.

Final Thoughts For Word Count Tool

For a writer, words are everything. They are our main source of income. And although while one shouldn't get too hung up on the details and quantities, it's nevertheless interesting to know the figures that went into creating the masterpiece. Every word matters, whether it is in a 500 word essay or a 40,000 word book. Every word in the story has a function and was added by the author with purpose. Make your words count, all you authors out there! Pun obviously intended.



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