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URL rewriting assumes that exotic URLs should be "simplified" to facilitate SEO for so-called, dynamic sites. These exotic URLs are indeed quite complex and generally contain different special characters such as the "? ", The" & "or the" = ", etc., as well as values ​​and names of variables.

To understand, let's take an example URL: article.php?Id=14 & page=1&section=4. In this example, we are looking to display page 1 of article 14, which is part of section 4 of the article.php file. The problem with this type of link is that it often confuses search engines.

The purpose of URL rewriting is to rewrite the URL by removing all of those "? ","&"And" = " to make them much cleaner.

Thus, neither the search engines, nor even the Internet user will know that it is about a dynamic page. The webmaster will therefore establish rewrite rules in a htaccess file to give a much simpler URL like article_14_1_4.html. Thus, when the Internet user requests this page, the site server will apply the writing rule so that it is returned to the article page article.php?Id=14&page=1&section=4.

What Are The Advantages Of URL Rewriting?

  • URL rewriting has huge advantages. First of all, it allows you to offer Internet users simplified URLs. Indeed, when the URLS are extended, as is often the case with exotic URLs, the attention of the Internet user is quickly diverted since this gives them an image of complexity.
  • The same is true for search engine crawlers. Up to two or three variables, crawlers can read and follow exotic links with no problem, but beyond that it can take them a while to read causing them to abandon your page to Rank others.
  • For the webmaster, URL rewriting is a simple way to “technically” change the site hierarchy, without having to modify all existing URLs. Remember that for optimal SEO of your site, it is essential that your URLs are stable. It is also a way of hiding the actual structure of your links from hackers and thus reducing the vulnerability of the site. For the SEO professional, rewritten links are of great help since they allow them to do a first check of the keywords.

How To Set Up The URL Rewriting?

Before proceeding with a URL rewrite, first make sure that your web host allows the use of this technique. Once this check is done, you must identify the dynamic pages you want to rewrite and choose the new URL scheme to follow. You must then write these rewrite rules to an htaccess file. Once this is done, you need to change all links that point to files whose URLs have been rewritten. Once this change is made, all you have to do is update the site and check that everything is working as it should.

URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting, A Technique To Complete The Optimisation Work

If you think you just need to change your exotic URL to a cleaner one and your search rankings skyrocket, you'd be wrong. of course, having URLs that are more readable for both Internet users and search engines makes indexing easier, but they do not always guarantee good positioning of your pages. In addition to the URL rewriting, you must therefore do all the usual optimization work for the content of your page (choice of relevant keywords, quality content, without duplicate content, etc.).

In The End, URL Rewriting, Important Or Not For The Natural Ranking Of A Site?

URL rewriting is a way to promote the indexing of your pages and improve your SEO. It should not be done systematically either. Indeed, if the quality of the link is one of the first criteria taken into account by the indexing robots of Google and other search engines, it is not the only one. Even if your link is exotic, if the content is well optimized, there is a good chance that your page will enjoy good search engine positioning.

In this case, the URL rewriting is not necessary. On the contrary, it can harm the good SEO of your pages. When you rewrite your site link, you have to do SEO work again. At first, you may even lose a few places. Remember, search engines study link stability and history to determine their level of relevance.

Thus, an old link, which already enjoys a certain number of clicks will be considered much more relevant than a new link which has just appeared on the web. In general, it is therefore interesting to rewrite the URL, especially for links that robots from Google and other search engines have difficulty recognizing and indexing. For others, this practice is not essential.

How URL Rewriting Tool Works

Static URLs are known to be better than Dynamic URLs because of a number of reasons:

  • Static URLs typically Rank better in Search Engines.
  • Search Engines are known to index the content of dynamic pages a lot slower compared to static pages.
  • Static URLs are always more friendlier looking to the End Users.
Example of a dynamic URL

 This tool helps you convert dynamic URLs into static looking html URLs.

Example of the above dynamic URL Re-written using this tool

Note: You would need to create a file called "htaccess" and paste the code generated into it, Once you have created the htacess file simply copy it into your web directory. URL rewriting of this type would work ONLY if you are hosted on a Linux Server.

How To Use The Free URL Rewriting Tool?

It's really simple to use this practical tool. This free URL Rewriting Tool from H WebTools is quite straightforward, just like all of our other tools. With a few simple steps, you can turn a large dynamic URL into a short, static one. Simply:

  • Copy your lengthy URL,
  • Paste it in this box, and
  • Hit Enter.

Our automatic Custom URL generator will take care of the rest. and make your lengthy URL into a very helpful, short URL. Because it will immediately affect your website's rating, it is a very significant issue for the majority of webmasters to take into account while designing a website. Therefore, this URL Rewriting tool will genuinely take care of everything for you if all of your website's pages are dynamic and you want to convert them to static ones. Using this free online SEO tool can help you simply boost your search engine presence.

Your links will be converted using Apache's mod rewrite module system, which will work on the "htaccess" file. You must copy the created code to the "htaccess" file after using this tool to convert your URLs, and then your website is done. To check the status of your site redirection, use our htaccess redirect checking tool.



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