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The server status is critical to your online presence. Server Status, as the name suggests, is the status of your server. It is determined whether your website's Http or Https answer is OK or not. If it isn't, it means your server is either offline or not responding correctly right now. Our HTTP Server status codes testing tool allows you to determine whether a website is offline or online. Every time your browser asks a website, status codes are returned. If something goes wrong, your browser displays a message such as "Something isn't right, accompanied with error code e.g. 404".

As a webmaster or SEO, you should monitor the server status of your websites on a frequent basis. Small SEO Tools provides a free server status checker. Run a free test on a single or more URLs.

Copy and paste Your URLs into the test tool. If you wish to examine HTTP status codes that your browser does not ordinarily display, the test tool will display the HTTP status code of each individual website in a separate line. Each server status code has a different meaning. The following server HTTP response codes and their meanings are listed:

Types of HTTP Status Code

  • The status code 200: indicates that everything is well. It indicates that your server was successful in returning content for the URL you requested.
  • The 301 status code: Moved Permanently indicates that the requested URL has been permanently relocated and that all future enquiries should be forwarded to the new address.
  • 302 status code: Found indicates that the server has discovered a temporary redirection. Because it is only temporary, this URL should be used again the following time.
  • The 307 status code: Temporary Redirect is similar to the 302 status code in that it is a temporary redirect and the same URL should be used again the following time.
  • Bad Request (400): simply signifies that the server did not comprehend what you were looking for.
  • Unauthorized 401 status code indicates that your server will not give access to the content without authorization.
  • The 403 status code: Forbidden indicates that the server will not display the content to you, regardless of login.
  • 404 error code: Not Found is a common and aggravating problem that you may be looking for using our Server Status tool. This error code indicates that the file you were looking for could not be located. Search engines require a 404 to determine which URLs are valid and which are not.
  • 410 status code: Gone is comparable to the 404 status code. It informs you that the URL you were looking for indeed exist but has now been removed.
  • Status code 500: Another annoyance that must be directed to your site host or system administrator is Internal Server Error. It indicates that something is amiss with the server.

The error code returned by a URL will allow you to determine why it is operational or unavailable. If your website is down due to any of the problems listed above, you must work with your website hosting service provider to resolve the issue.

This handy tool for detecting website issues should be a must-have for all SEOs and webmasters. By using it, you as an SEO or webmaster will know exactly why your website is down and how to solve it.

About Server Status Checker Tool

CyberIndeed is a notable name in the online SEO tools sector, offering powerful solutions to website owners in order to boost their website rating. We also provide highly useful tools for users to check plagiarism and hundreds of other services. CyberIndeed's major goal is to assist people in the greatest way possible by utilising our outstanding products. We created this tool to determine whether a website is down or up.

One of the online tools we provide for our valued visitors is the status server checker tool. 

SSC (Server Status Checker) is a fantastic tool that determines whether a website is operational or not. It is a very efficient tool that is suggested to all webmasters for checking server uptime and staying up to date with the server position of their website. It assists in determining the status of the website server and displaying the findings. It is simple to determine if there is an issue because this tool indicates it clearly. With this programme, you can simply monitor the status of your favourite websites and stay up to date when they are unavailable.

server status checker tool

This tool is quick, easy to use, and precise. This programme has a very useful feature in that you may check up to ten websites at once by entering URLs at the same time. There is no need to enter each URL individually; simply enter all URLs and click the check button to get results.

Simply input up to ten URLs in the provided text field and press the button to verify the status of these website servers all at once.

How To Use Http Server Status Checker?

Here is a user guide for this tool to check status of server.

  • Enter the URL of the website you wish to check into the text area.
  • Make careful to include the entire URL of any website, including the http or https protocol.
  • Wait while you click the Submit Button.

Our tool will display results in a matter of seconds; it is quick, easy, and accurate.

Why is Server Status Monitoring Required?

As your website expands, it becomes increasingly important to become involved in all aspects of its operations in order to keep track of its state. If you fail to monitor the most important aspects of your website, such as your hosting server and network speed, they can fail abruptly.

Monitoring server status on a regular basis can give numerous benefits.

  • Using a testing tool for server status monitoring on a regular basis detects any errors on startup and prevents minor issues from becoming major ones.
    Provide advance notice of required software and hardware updates.
  • Continuous server monitoring improves security. The installation of critical updates considerably minimises the likelihood of viruses and spam.

If you own and administer one or more websites, you must check the server status on a regular basis. You could also be an internet user who is having trouble connecting to your favourite websites. In this scenario, you can also use a free status code checker software to determine the status of these websites. Understanding HTTP status codes is critical if you operate a website or work as a developer. When you see these https status codes. Webmasters can use HTTP status codes to quickly resolve website configuration issues.



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